The concealed insect screen

The best insect screens are those that cannot be seen and if you’re in the process of designing your own home, you have the opportunity of hiding them away, particularly if you opt for a mesh with a high transparency level.
Both the cassette boxes and tracks have been designed to fit into the spaces specifically created to house the insect screens. This allows them to have a much reduced visual impact. Versions M8 and M10 have side tracks with the possibility of being covered by the wood of the actual frames.
The best time to opt for built-in insect screens is during the design stage in both new buildings and during the refurbishment of existing ones.
Where there is any uncertainty about whether or not to have insect screens but there is some doubt, the ideal solution is to create the space into which they can be fitted with suitable sections that will keep the empty space out of sight until a decision is taken about which model to install.




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